The Occasional Poem

The Occasional Poem

Written for your Unique Occasion

We have all had the “What to give” moment. Aunt Gertrude, your favorite niece, wedding anniversary, retirement, mother-in-law Yikes), birthday. How about a poem? Yes? Good idea.

I will write a poem for anyone or any event you desire. It’s unique gift, it’s personal. It can be humorous, serious, faith filled, encouragement, celebratory…anything. Except sappy, no sappy poems.

You’ll contact me ( se the contact page), load me up with information about her, him, them, the occasion, and leave the rest to me.

Give me at least a couple of days or longer to write the best poem I can for you, then it’s yours forever. No one else will have your poem because I won’t write or give your unique poem to anyone but you. ( of course the copyright is mine, but I will not send it to a publisher).

Cost for a single poem: $25.

Here’s one I wrote for Prince Harry’s 30th birthday  which was Sept. 15, 2014.  No, he didn’t request it. Wouldn’t that have been awesome?  Just wrote it for fun and as a sample for you to read.

A Quiet Drink with a Friend

You see, it’s on this day the inheritance is his.

His hair is less red, less curly, and his freckles fade.

Oh, you might find him romping at the bar in the

Dorchester Hotel or making the rounds in Piccadilly Circus.

He is, after all, the common man’s Prince.

                  Aye, Harry, old man, how bout a pint?

Yes, the rascally royal has left his twenties.

And so it is that Prince Harry celebrates his thirtieth birthday,

postponing the intimate family and friends bash at the palace

until his pregnant sister-in-law can hold her food.

                 So sorry, Harry, I feel quite like the dog’s dinner.

                  Gutted that I can’t make it tonight.

He’s reached the age of one mannerly chum

by his side, conversing one mate at a time,

Bevvies at my flat next week?

                I’ll give you a bell on Wednesday.

 Generous back and forth parlay becoming to the occasion.

He chalks up the naked billiards and polo runs to

                    What’s a bloke of a certain age to do?

He’s had his fill of rumbles with bare breasted women

who remember his name in the morning.

                         Ahh, Har…you was the best.

                       Betcha we’re going to spend the day together, righty?

He’s to be an uncle twice-over and his time will come

with wife ripe with child. This, the talk more times

than he cares to remember.

                Dear lad,  you’ve  faffed off these last years. Time to buck up

                and take on your responsibilities. You’re a brilliant chap,

                but you’ve knackered your grandmum’s constitution quite enough.

With discreet motion, Harry signals for another drink

and continues his unobtrusive celebration.

               Blimey. Well, the money will come in soon.

               Then Bob’s your uncle!






Leigh Mackelvey   939 Blackberry Drive, Mullica Hill, NJ 08062 856 889-243815


September 15, 2014 was Prince Harry’s 30th birthday.  When asked how he’d celebrate he replied, “With a quiet drink with a friend.”  Over the last year, the Prince has shown that he has taken a turn and tempered Plan A of his life of splashy news escapades .  He seems to have embarked on a Plan B. A softer side, a cause oriented road, a new-found settling down, if you will. He also came into the inheritance his mother, Princess Diana, secured for him on his birthday. My imagination, after reading this news, played out into the poem A Quiet Drink With a Friend.







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