My Creative Writing Workshops


Creative Writing Workshops

Writing is a solitary experience, but we weren’t meant to be alone !

A community of like-minded writers give us the air we need to breathe and write on.

My Writing workshops are organic, simple and fun. I follow the work-shopping format of read, write, critique.  Writers need a relaxing atmosphere filled with encouragement, creative prompts and ideas in order to thrive and grow.

If you are in the South Jersey or Philadelphia area, I hold workshops of no more than 12 participants. I know you’d enjoy being a part of one of these groups.

I am in the process of putting together groups for November 2014 and on into the new year!

Workshop Fees for 10 sessions or five sessions:

10 sessions

  • one night per week for 10 weeks
  • Each weekly session will be 2.5 hours
  • $300 for the ten session workshop ( snacks included)

5 session workshops:

  • one night per week
  • Each weekly session will be 2.5 hrs.
  • $150 for the 5 sessions

Please use the Contact page if you are interested in forming or joining a creative writing workshop. Any genre, poetry, memoir, fiction or multi-genre workshops!

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