photo (92x100)I’d love to meet you here on my blog. I write, especially poetry. For many years, I taught in the public school system in Camden, NJ. Camden is an inner-city and is always ( I mean always!) listed as #1 USA City in Poverty and Crime. If not #1, then #2. I live in the country, which was a huge relief form the city day-life. I learned much about the families in Camden and the problems they face everyday. Just retired!  Now I have more time for writing and reading! I’m a grandmother of 4 (1 girl 3 boys). Of course, they’re the “bestest”. It’s sure easier being a grandmother and more fun, too. I’m a Christian and not ashamed. It seems we Christians get bad raps all around these days. I love Christ and to me it’s not religion, it’s relationship and life. I can’t wait to read your blogs and invite to you to read and contact me!


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  1. I get excited when i read about some on retiring, because I’m looking forward to that. Then I can really get into my creative life! I’m trying to be a Christian who doesn’t give Christians such a bad rap.It is truly about the relationship with Christ and how we live! Thanks for following me at “Anything is Possible!” Looking forward to reading more of your fun blog!


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