When Sister Mary Prays



Never take your prayer for granted.

I’m at my computer praying right now for God to write through me. I often pray that it will be what He wants me to write, not what I want to write.

To ask Him to write through me simply means that because I’ve accepted Christ,  a part of God lives in me. Not that I’m a “small god” or anything like that. His  love and His power through His spirit is in me to help guide and protect me while I travel through this thing called life. I’ve accepted Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. He died in place of me because I’m not holy enough (no matter how many sacrifices or good works I do for God on my own) to deserve His forgiveness. The thing is, Jesus came to die for me and for anyone on this earth who desires forgiveness because He is the only perfect and holy sacrifice. He is worthy .He came to give us the news that God loves us enough to save us through His son. We don’t have to earn His love, or to be good enough to go Heaven. None us can ever be good enough. It sounds much too simple, and it is to a point. See, when I accepted Christ in my place and was forgiven by God, I was given His grace and mercy. Not to mention eternal life. God’s mercy, His grace, and the fact that I will someday die physically, but will live eternally with God and not apart from Him in Hell,  is a HUGE THING. And I can’t just go on living willy nilly,…being the same old me. If you really accept Christ, you no longer want to be that same old me….or you. God’s love in you gives you a desire to love others, to do good works, to obey God…not to get to heaven, but because He is changing you to be more like Christ. One of those changes is to ask Him continually to live His life through you. And to get where I want to get in this blog ( finally) I did some explanation before getting around to the reason for this specific post.

But it’s all for good, because I wanted you to understand why things happen when Sister Mary prays.  She has faith in the power of prayer because  she accepted Christ. She prayed for the suffering and the sick people of her community. God’s love inside her gave her a strong desire to pray. Because she prayed, thousands of people in her village in South Asia were led to Christ and their lives were transformed in many different ways. It started when God healed Sister Mary’s of a painful stomach disease. She experienced God’s power to heal and she just had to tell others. And…to pray for them. She didn’t take her prayers for granted. She knew God heard them all.

Mary, a simple wife and mother, tells her exciting story in the video below. I invite you to hear how God works in His people.

“When Sister Mary Prays” Video:


Your prayer can also transform lives. Pray for the peoples in Asia who are widows, orphans, children. They need your prayers and your help. Remember, too, if you have never accepted the simple Gospel of Jesus, along with living a not so simple life on earth for Him, you can come before Him at any time, and anywhere you are. Ask for His grace and mercy by admitting that like me, you are not holy enough and that you need Jesus. He will be Holy in your place!

Find out more ways to pray for South Asia at http://www.gfa.org/pray/people-ministries/when-sister-mary-prays-4



2 thoughts on “When Sister Mary Prays

  1. Thanks…I’m glad you like GFA. If you’d like to be on their blogging team, let me know. I hardly ever get any readers, likes, or comments on the blogs I write for GFA, but I’m hoping at least one person who will be interested in them or who needs Christ will read it, even if they never comment!


  2. What a moving post. I think it’s great that you shared this. Oh and I loved seeing Gospel for Asia here; I’m a supporter of what they do and recently got some of KP’s books, although I have yet to read them since time has been in short supply for me lately. Anyway, I just wanted to say I truly appreciated what you wrote here and I also believe in praying before wrting, which has sometimes led me to some great results — although nothing I feel comfortable about putting on my blog just yet. Maybe someday… 🙂


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