Prompt for SOC Saturday


SOC Prompt for 2-28-15:acquaint and/or friend
The Saturday SOC prompt is from the blog of lindaghil
Please Join in the Fun! Rules are on her blog…link above.

I had no idea where this was going, and I don’t think I got there!

It’s always hard to acquaint myself with someone I really want as a friend…and on the other hand, it’s easy for someone I don’t think I want as a friend to familiarize… rather quickly … themselves with me.

Am I a snob? I have to really be honest and say that at times, I am. There are certain qualifications I have at the top of my list for choosing a friend. Humorous, loyal, fun, and I want a friend who” gets me” and who I “get.”  Or is that whom? I don’t know and I don’t want my friend to know either. Maybe it’s more like I want my friend not to care. I especially want my friend not to point out any bad grammar, unless I’m asking for a proofread on my writing. No way do I want a friend to correct me when I’m speaking even when we’re alone. To correct me in front of others … most offensive and qualifies for a punch in the nose. There’s no right or wrong grammatical application to my fist flying into a part of the body. OK, I’d never do that, but I’d imagine it in full color.

So there I was at my “chosen” friend’s tea and book discussion. I tried hard to acquaint her with my amazing personality by commenting on how I once entertained royalty at a tea held in my home. It was a lie, but I  wanted her to have a complete realization about how many people…truly qualifiable people…enjoyed the way I told stories that lifted one into another world and could hold my own conversationally in any company. Her response wasn’t exactly what I desired.  I don’t think she believed me because it looked as if she was trying very hard to hold back laughter. When she asked me to name the royalty, I blubbered around a bit and came up with the “Earl of…  oh, what’s that kingdom’s name.”

So much for the hold on laughter…. and  embarrassed looks from several women.  I was avoided during the rest of the tea and whenever I tried to add to the discussion of the book of the month, someone interrupted.

Yet, there was this one lady.  She wasn’t much in the way of “fun to be with.” The entire tea, she hadn’t said a word. Just as  I was leaving, I felt her give my arm a gentle tug. She asked, with a straight face and seemingly in all sincerity, for advice on entertaining. royalty. She told me how impressed she was that I had entertained an Earl. I stared at her, waiting for a punch line, but none came.  My list of friend qualifications, aside, I asked her to come over on Saturday for lunch.




5 thoughts on “Prompt for SOC Saturday

  1. Some times it is best to be just you. But in this case you have opened the door to a possible ‘friendship’ even if it is based on a stretch of the imagination. So now of course we want to know what happened on Saturday??


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