Widow To Sin or Die

Her husband has abused her for the last time and left. He meant to leave her alone with her scars, bruises, hurt and pain. But Geeta is not alone. She faces a struggle to survive and stay faithful to her Christian faith. Yes, she was relieved she would no longer face his physical and mental abuse, but she was not prepared to face life in Asia where many widows and their children are left in despair with no means to earn or live with nothing. But Geeta was strong in Christ. He was her comforter, her guidance, her protection through everything and she knew He wouldn’t fail her. Gospel of Asia ministers to the thousands of widows and children in the regions of Asia. Watch her story on the video below and then find out more how GPA reaches out to her and other women and how you can help too by clicking the link. Prayers are needed!


Watch the video of Geeta’s story


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