Why Should Any Woman be Illitrate?

gospel-for-asia40-days-of-bloggingWhy Should any Woman be Illiterate? What if you were unable to read labels? How many times would you be able to eat or take a medication safely before something disastrous happened?

In America we consider literacy to be the status quo among women. It’s not a privilege for you to be able to read these words  is it? I never thought of my ability to read and write as anything but normal. Yes, I do understand  the unfortunate circumstances that cause some Americans to remain illiterate, however the rate is of illiteracy in our country is minor compared to India where every one in  four people cannot read or write. It is a travesty that the rate of illiteracy among women in India is even higher.

Over 250 million women in Asia are illiterate!

Imagine a young mother in Asia who is not allowed an education. She’s never read a parenting book or a practical book to help her during her pregnancy. She cannot read to her child. or write a birthday card. She cannot read a  Bible. I mentioned only a few daily necessary reasons for becoming literate. You can add many more.

Illiteracy is crippling. The plight of illiteracy among women in Asia is something we can help eliminate.

Gospel for Asia ministers to women in Asia by providing reading and writing education.

We may not be able to go there, but we can support Gospel of Asia as our way of eliminating illiteracy in women one woman at a time.

* First of all we can pray. Prayer is powerful!  I don’t have lots of money to give, but I can pray.

*I can also Blog for Asia. Bloggers are great ministers of sharing the needs of the people of Asia who live in unreached regions.

*If I give up one cup of Starbucks coffee a day, I can easily support a missionary for GFA or support a child or a woman. I support a missionary for only $30. per month. I’m a retired teacher on a set income. However, when I think of all God has given me (even over my needs) and then see that Gospel For Asia needs me to support those who do not have basic needs met, never mind extras, I know I have to do something!

*Not only does Gospel for Asia meet women, men, and children at their need levels with food, clean water, women fellowships, education, and much more, they meet their spiritual needs also. They share the good news of Christ and give them hope where there is no hope. Chains are broken and people are free for the first time in their lives.

As Christians, we are commanded to become witnesses to our neighbors, those who live outside our neighborhood, and those in other countries. Jesus gave us the great commission. It’s our responsibility. ( Matthew 28:16-20) We aren’t all able to go and witness in other countries. To support those who can is a way we can obey the Great Commission.



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