I Need a Drink of Water/Saturday Stream of Consciousness Prompt

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Prompt for this one was “water”.


I Need a Drink of Water

“Water, water, everywhere and not a drop to drink.” There was a time when I felt like the ancient mariner whose words Coleridge wrote. Except, it’s not quite true. I had a water faucet, a bottle of water in the fridge. I could “drink”, but my inner thirst for water wasn’t quenched.  What I was panting for was “living water.” I wanted it to be poured down my throat and fill the emptiness inside. Plain old water never really did anything for that ache, that gap, that part of me dying of thirst. Not physically dying, but spiritually…on the way to the grave yard. I now believe that God creates a space, a kind of drought inside us that can’t be filled with things of this world. I sure tried to swallow lust, money, my job, my relationships, but the drought remained for years.

I was searching, following, hunting, for a soothing drink of water that would take away the emptiness. I knew about Jesus and always prayed to God. But I never understood what Christ had done for me. Never stopped trying to be good enough.

I couldn’t be good enough, so I tried being bad. Badness got me nowhere, but into trouble, while the hole inside just got bigger and harder to fill. It was fun for a while, but didn’t quench my thirst. Nothing really did.

I read somewhere that every human being is made up of a high percentage of water. I believe that. I’m  drawn to the ocean, the lake, bays, rivers, and even small ponds where the sun shines on and wind ripples across the surface. I find peace in water. Yet the sun shined merely on the surface. Inside, there was no shining, no ripples, no water.

Finally I searched in the right place. God’s Word, the Bible. Once I understood my relationship to Jesus Christ and that He, Himself, is Living Water, I let Him pour it on me. Daily. I began to feel full. My heart was no longer parched. I began to really live life and to be come alive spiritually. Oh, I still live in a world of circumstances that are difficult, but because that hole inside is filled, I go through to the other side of hard times with more confidence, more joy, and the living water is like a fountain overflowing; washing out all fear.  Though the earth may shake, the rivers overflow and the fire rage, I know God will not move away. He won’t let me drown in the rivers, and I won’t get burnt in the fire.




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4 thoughts on “I Need a Drink of Water/Saturday Stream of Consciousness Prompt

  1. Beautiful writing. I’m not a Christian but I can understand the sentiment, of needing spiritual fulfillment, and the peace you can get with it. Very nice.


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