Veils of Tears; TheCycle of the Suffering of Women

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In  some countries, women are protected and respected, but in many cultures it’s a different story. Women live in fear of the strict gender rules established by men. Disobedience  can mean anything from emotional abuse to stoning. Gospel of Asia is a ministry that gives a new  meaning for women to grasp : the freedom of Jesus Christ. The yoke of Christ is gentle and easier than the yoke of rules women in these cultures are accustomed to obeying. Obedience to Christ is not a forced obedience, but comes from love. When they understand how much God loves them , they can give His love back. Gospel of Asia missionaries support women by the provision of centers where they can  learn hear about Christ, talk and encourage, and pray together. Guidance in God’s principles  pertinent to an abundant life  is given with Scripture study. As they begin to communicate with each other and with God, they go on to  tell others at home the Truth they’ve found. Husbands don’t always respond kindly to their wives’ new faith, but GFA helps them apply the Godly ways of marriage , the respect, love, and acceptance of their husbands and  prayer that they, too, will be won over to Christ. Pease pray for the women in Asia and for the ministry  workers who God has called to help change lives.

The cycle of suffering can be ended by the authority and power of Christ Jesus!

Open your eyes to the suffering and hardship that women in Asia struggle with as you watch the short film Veils of Tears. The link is below.


vot-Tveil of tears                                   


Blog fro Asia

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