The Hunt


The Hunt

He follows the trail of scents. He was trained to discover drugs, bodies, and just about everything that needs discovery. His sense of smell is at least 100% stronger than a human being, this canine police dog. Reggie is given a one cent copper penny to take in and remember as dogs can only do, and sent on the trial. This time he is looking for a body. He begins slow, then stops. Looks back at his handler, Tom, for reassurance. Tom nods, says “ Go ahead Reg, you got it , boy.” Reggie turns in a circle, then runs on. Every once in a while the conscientious dog slows down, paws at the ground, then cocks his head as if to say, “nope, not here,” and starts back on the trail with his nose to the ground. The soil smells different as he moves on to new places. Smells that a human can’t distinguish from one to another. The woods are ahead. He whiffs the scent of the wood’s soil, and begins to whimper. Though his whimpering tells Tom that Reggie know what’s ahead and it may not be good, the dog to runs hard through the trees. He is a pack dog and will work for his pack until the work has been done. Reggie is whining and running faster than ever as Tom tries to keep up. Reggie runs straight up against a large tree. Pennies are scattered as if someone spilled a bottle of pills and left them as a clue of suicide. This was no suicide. Reggie stops, paws the ground and uncovers a few more coins. He Is calm now and runs around to the other side and stops.Tom peers around to see a small child under its leaves. The child is breathing, alive. The pennies from his pocket had spilt when the kidnapper had knocked him around and left him for dead. Tom called for an ambulance and sat by the child. Reggie curled up beside him and Tom hugged him and praised his great work. Reggies’s pack was happy; Reggie was happy. Tom fingers the cross he wears around his neck, looks at the one attached to Reggie’s collar. He was reminded to give a special thanks.

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Why Should Any Woman be Illitrate?

gospel-for-asia40-days-of-bloggingWhy Should any Woman be Illiterate? What if you were unable to read labels? How many times would you be able to eat or take a medication safely before something disastrous happened?

In America we consider literacy to be the status quo among women. It’s not a privilege for you to be able to read these words  is it? I never thought of my ability to read and write as anything but normal. Yes, I do understand  the unfortunate circumstances that cause some Americans to remain illiterate, however the rate is of illiteracy in our country is minor compared to India where every one in  four people cannot read or write. It is a travesty that the rate of illiteracy among women in India is even higher.

Over 250 million women in Asia are illiterate!

Imagine a young mother in Asia who is not allowed an education. She’s never read a parenting book or a practical book to help her during her pregnancy. She cannot read to her child. or write a birthday card. She cannot read a  Bible. I mentioned only a few daily necessary reasons for becoming literate. You can add many more.

Illiteracy is crippling. The plight of illiteracy among women in Asia is something we can help eliminate.

Gospel for Asia ministers to women in Asia by providing reading and writing education.

We may not be able to go there, but we can support Gospel of Asia as our way of eliminating illiteracy in women one woman at a time.

* First of all we can pray. Prayer is powerful!  I don’t have lots of money to give, but I can pray.

*I can also Blog for Asia. Bloggers are great ministers of sharing the needs of the people of Asia who live in unreached regions.

*If I give up one cup of Starbucks coffee a day, I can easily support a missionary for GFA or support a child or a woman. I support a missionary for only $30. per month. I’m a retired teacher on a set income. However, when I think of all God has given me (even over my needs) and then see that Gospel For Asia needs me to support those who do not have basic needs met, never mind extras, I know I have to do something!

*Not only does Gospel for Asia meet women, men, and children at their need levels with food, clean water, women fellowships, education, and much more, they meet their spiritual needs also. They share the good news of Christ and give them hope where there is no hope. Chains are broken and people are free for the first time in their lives.

As Christians, we are commanded to become witnesses to our neighbors, those who live outside our neighborhood, and those in other countries. Jesus gave us the great commission. It’s our responsibility. ( Matthew 28:16-20) We aren’t all able to go and witness in other countries. To support those who can is a way we can obey the Great Commission.


Inaccesible: Saturday Stream of Conciousness

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The Prompt for today is a word that has the prefix -in-.


Discussions of poetry sometimes center on whether the door of the poem is
locked, unlocked, or can be pushed open after some effort?

The preferred door is the one that takes a person of some strength to gain entrance.
I fell over a tree stump and hurt my back
can be unlocked by a small baby, weak and mewling.

Hospital       need     maybe    

                                                Oh, my                 no       help     the heavens open

requires a sumo wrestler to break down the door.

Billy Collins is referred to as an accessible poet.
Anyone can come in,have a cup of tea,
a conversation, and leave with no questions in mind.

Allen Ginsburg will bar the door with a heavy armoire and place
on top three sixty pound barbells.  Streams of consciousness flow
down his paper, rivulets, drops, and oceans undammed. At times, inaccessible.

Ah, but the poem that lets you in the door after a push, takes you to a place somewhere in your life you’ve been before and then leaves you to ponder long after you’ve read ….. that’s the poem all poets strive to accomplish.

This, my friends, was not that poem.


I Need a Drink of Water/Saturday Stream of Consciousness Prompt

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Prompt for this one was “water”.


I Need a Drink of Water

“Water, water, everywhere and not a drop to drink.” There was a time when I felt like the ancient mariner whose words Coleridge wrote. Except, it’s not quite true. I had a water faucet, a bottle of water in the fridge. I could “drink”, but my inner thirst for water wasn’t quenched.  What I was panting for was “living water.” I wanted it to be poured down my throat and fill the emptiness inside. Plain old water never really did anything for that ache, that gap, that part of me dying of thirst. Not physically dying, but spiritually…on the way to the grave yard. I now believe that God creates a space, a kind of drought inside us that can’t be filled with things of this world. I sure tried to swallow lust, money, my job, my relationships, but the drought remained for years.

I was searching, following, hunting, for a soothing drink of water that would take away the emptiness. I knew about Jesus and always prayed to God. But I never understood what Christ had done for me. Never stopped trying to be good enough.

I couldn’t be good enough, so I tried being bad. Badness got me nowhere, but into trouble, while the hole inside just got bigger and harder to fill. It was fun for a while, but didn’t quench my thirst. Nothing really did.

I read somewhere that every human being is made up of a high percentage of water. I believe that. I’m  drawn to the ocean, the lake, bays, rivers, and even small ponds where the sun shines on and wind ripples across the surface. I find peace in water. Yet the sun shined merely on the surface. Inside, there was no shining, no ripples, no water.

Finally I searched in the right place. God’s Word, the Bible. Once I understood my relationship to Jesus Christ and that He, Himself, is Living Water, I let Him pour it on me. Daily. I began to feel full. My heart was no longer parched. I began to really live life and to be come alive spiritually. Oh, I still live in a world of circumstances that are difficult, but because that hole inside is filled, I go through to the other side of hard times with more confidence, more joy, and the living water is like a fountain overflowing; washing out all fear.  Though the earth may shake, the rivers overflow and the fire rage, I know God will not move away. He won’t let me drown in the rivers, and I won’t get burnt in the fire.




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Veils of Tears; TheCycle of the Suffering of Women

Blog fro Asia

In  some countries, women are protected and respected, but in many cultures it’s a different story. Women live in fear of the strict gender rules established by men. Disobedience  can mean anything from emotional abuse to stoning. Gospel of Asia is a ministry that gives a new  meaning for women to grasp : the freedom of Jesus Christ. The yoke of Christ is gentle and easier than the yoke of rules women in these cultures are accustomed to obeying. Obedience to Christ is not a forced obedience, but comes from love. When they understand how much God loves them , they can give His love back. Gospel of Asia missionaries support women by the provision of centers where they can  learn hear about Christ, talk and encourage, and pray together. Guidance in God’s principles  pertinent to an abundant life  is given with Scripture study. As they begin to communicate with each other and with God, they go on to  tell others at home the Truth they’ve found. Husbands don’t always respond kindly to their wives’ new faith, but GFA helps them apply the Godly ways of marriage , the respect, love, and acceptance of their husbands and  prayer that they, too, will be won over to Christ. Pease pray for the women in Asia and for the ministry  workers who God has called to help change lives.

The cycle of suffering can be ended by the authority and power of Christ Jesus!

Open your eyes to the suffering and hardship that women in Asia struggle with as you watch the short film Veils of Tears. The link is below.


vot-Tveil of tears                                   


Blog fro Asia

What Else Do You Want to Know About HIm?”

Today is Wednesday One-liner from Linda’s blog. ( what a great blog it is!)
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My one liner is:

“What else do you want to know about him?”

Douglas Goetsch is a poet I enjoy very much. One of his lines really hit me in a funny way. It was one of those lines you don’t expect, but you truly “get’ it.

He wrote a poem titled Gone. The turn in the poem comes in the last stanza when the speaker tells about his uncle. The line above is the last line of the poem and is preceded by  “He’s dead now.”

( From the book, your whole life, by Douglas Goetsch)

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Prompt was bat, bet, bit, bot, but ( this was hard and it’s certainly a free write all the way…I’d change a lot of it!)

Anniversary Dinner

But you never look at me
when we talk
we eat
we go out to a party,

she said and scooped out his eyeball,
plopped  it  onto the olive pate and served it to him.

Bet you still haven’t washed
my baseball uniform
my gym bag
my plaid pants I love,

he said and cut off  her hands
fed them to her one at a time

Bats are more romantic than you
she said and carved out his heart

Bit by bit you’ve torn us apart
he said, took a steak knife and returned the favor.

Bot a ciggie from you?
the waiter asked as he cleaned up the blood,