Opening Up to You

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This is me…a bit shy, but once I get to know you, I’ll be boisterous! One great way to begin is to tell you I’m a first time blogger. How am I doing? No, stay, please!

It was difficult for me to choose a theme. You see, there are so many specific themes and my blog doesn’t exactly fit specific. Nope. I’ll be writing about lots of stuff. I saw themes for artists, cooking, golf, parenting, and submarine lovers. I’m not any of them, unless the submarines are sandwiches. Do love subs, in fact I’m eating one now. Let me put it down and get serious.

I’ll write about writing. I’m a writer and mainly will talk about aspects of the writing world. I offer workshops and especially like the poetry genre. Yet, my living includes books, my cat, Gracie, my faith, my friends and I’ll be informing you about them also.

So…my first post (teaser) is titled Blockbusters. The writer’s adversary: Writer’s Block. Go grab a submarine and we’ll get started.

Writing is it’s own reward.”  -Henry Miller

A word is dead

When it is said

Some say.

I say it just begins

To live that day.

-Emily Dickinson



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